Discover our expertise: a promise of quality
At Cloutier et Gagnon we exercise care
The company Entreprises Cloutier & Gagnon has been working as a specialty contractor in the roofing field since 1976.

Our company has built a solid reputation based on work well done, qualified workers, and a selection of skilful subcontractors. A professional team carries out projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our professionalism ensures us great respectability in the construction field.

To supervise, document, standardize, and enrich the way of doing things that has guaranteed our success, we have developed and implemented a quality management system that complies with international standard ISO 9001: 2000. Using structured and documented control methods and investigations, we are now able to initiate corrective and preventive actions to maintain and increase the quality of our achievements.

To represent management in the implementation of our system, we have put Mr. Robert Bélanger in charge of quality assurance. To ensure the effectiveness of our quality system we intend to give our company and its representative, as well as all our staff, the resources, means, and training necessary for its full implementation, maintenance, and development.

By entering our quality system into an economically viable context, we have given our company a quality-oriented operating condition—one that is especially oriented towards the customer that defines it.

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