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Roofs for buildings:
► commercial

► institutional
► government
Types of roofs installed:
► Built-up roofs
► Modified bitumen membrane roofs
► EPDM membrane roofs
► PVC membrane roofs
► Wood shingles
► Asphalt shingles
► Various slates and tiles
Metal roofs :
► Sheet metal with rods
► Sheet metal with standing seams
► Quebec-style sheet metal
► "Fish scale" sheet metal
► Galvanized steel
► Prepainted steel
► Stainless steel
► Copper
► Tinned copper
► Aluminium
Other specialties
► Joinery and rough carpentry for roofs  
► Roof maintenance (emergency team)
► Replacement of the exterior envelope (walls)
► Weatherizing and waterproofing of foundation, terrace, etc.
► Interior conversion and renovation of offices according to      professionals' plans and specifications
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Maintenance project
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