Industrial, commercial and residential projects

Provide suitable top quality roofing systems to the needs of our industrial, commercial and institutional and residential clients, by leveraging the expertise of our workforce and the quality of materials. Provide our customers with unparalleled and professional service, competent and dedicated employees to ensure the sustainability of our business relationships.

The success of a business is linked to the contentment and satisfaction of the customers it serves. In our field, there is no room for half-measures and half-successes. We are true professionals.

Success is also seeing employees growing with the company, start a family and realize dreams and projects of all kinds.

Oratoire Saint-Joseph

We are proud of what Cloutier and Gagnon have accomplished since 1976. We have grown through collaboration with our clients. We can meet all possible challenges thanks to the experience and reliability of our employees and services.

Cloutier Gagnon pride

When employees tell their siblings "hey kids look at this" it was our company that fixed this place they transmit the pride of having contributed to a success. This pride will remain engraved for life. Expertise is not just knowing how to work but also to know how to grow and succeed.

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