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Cloutier & Gagnon 1988 ltd. is working in the roofing field since 1976, founded by Mr. Yves Cloutier and Yves Gagnon. Being a proud member of the Association of Master Roofers of Quebec (AMCQ), the two businessmen were keen to make things happen in their field with great concern for a job well done. A few years later, Mr. Gagnon fell ill and decided to sell his assets to Mr. Cloutier. Finding himself alone, Mr. Cloutier decides to continue his expansion and work relentlessly to innovate and continue to fulfill his desire to be an entrepreneur. It is on this momentum that Mr. Cloutier decided to get involved in his association (AMCQ) with the technical committee for more than 25 years, in order to better understand these own issues and those of other members to maintain the continuous improvement of his company.

He actively participates in the creation of the association's estimate, all as a volunteer. During this period, our company has built a solid reputation based on well-executed work, skilled labor and the satisfaction of our customers, making us one of the leaders in our field. In 2007, Mr. Cloutier offered two key people in the company to partner with him. Mr. Daniel Lalonde and Serge Lord had both been with the company for more than ten years. Having already known Mr. Cloutier for several years, the two agree without a doubt. To conclude, the president of Cloutier & Gagnon companie 1988 ltd. Mr. Yves Cloutier, is recognized everywhere he goes for his honesty, his daring, his determination, his great generosity, his humility and above all that he will remain engraved in the memory of people. as a pioneer in the field of roofing.

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