Our values



We respect the decisions and opinions of our customers, employees, suppliers and partners, and communicate with them in a respectful manner.



We cultivate lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees, to ensure everyone’s well-being.



We provide our customers with innovative, quality solutions that meet their needs, thanks to our employees’ commitment to deliver the finest work possible.



We work with constant attention to transparency and honesty.

  Our history

  • Founded by Yves Cloutier and Yves Gagnon, Cloutier & Gagnon 1988 Ltd. has been working in the roofing industry since 1976. Members of the Association des maîtres couvreurs du Québec (AMCQ), the two businessmen have always been committed to innovation in order to provide work of the finest quality. .  

  • Mr. Gagnon becomes ill and sells his shares to Mr. Cloutier, who continues to expand the business. He sets himself apart from other contractors by working relentlessly and taking a keen interest in the evolution of the roofing industry.
  • He decides to get involved with the technical committee of the Association des maîtres couvreurs du Québec and, for more than 25 years, will seek to improve his understanding of the technical problems faced by master roofers.
  • This expertise allows him to continuously improve his company and build an unparalleled reputation based on exceptional work, a qualified workforce and customer satisfaction.


  • Yves Cloutier asks Daniel Lalonde and Serge Lord, two key employees who have worked with the company for over 10 years, to become business partners. Knowing Mr. Cloutier well and having confidence in his vision, the two men accept his offer without hesitation.

  • David and Pierre-Olivier Raymond, two brothers who grew up in the roofing business and who each have more than 15 years of experience on construction sites, join Kevin Gosselin, a loyal employee of the company, in offering to take over the business. Mr. Cloutier seizes the opportunity to see his company continue to evolve in the direction he set for it and agrees to hand over the reins. While Daniel Lalonde and Serge Lord take their retirement, Yves Cloutier remains President. Although he is no longer involved in day-to-day operations, he remains very active in strategic planning and mentoring his successors.


  • A leader in the roofing business, Cloutier & Gagnon is now recognized all over Montreal for the quality of its work, as well as the spirit of innovation that has driven the company since the beginning.